Being Amish - Trading Places

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Mackenzie Moss is an Amish girl that Chloe Cherry and her boyfriend Brad Sterling have agreed to take in so that Mackenzie can experience modern life to determine whether she wanted to stay with the Amish community. Chloe shows her around the apartment and explains many of the modern conveniences to Mackenzie. In return for her tour, Chloe asks if Mackenzie will swap clothes with her so that Chloe can experience what it feels like to be Amish. The girls get naked before swapping apparel. Unfortunately, Brad hasn't been informed that someone else is wearing Chloe's dress, so when he comes home early and goes right to Mackenzie for a pussy feast it becomes a case of mistaken identity. That's no consolation for Chloe when she walks in on them, though! Mackenzie follows Chloe to her room to apologize, but things take an unexpected turn when Chloe admits that she's really upset Brad has gotten to taste Mackenzie but she hasn't. Mackenzie is a little bit shy and taken aback by this new turn of events, but she doesn't stop Chloe when her host leans in for a kiss. Liking the way another girl's lips are nice and soft, Mackenzie lets herself be laid backwards on the bed so Chloe can slide her face between her thighs. Lapping at Mackenzie's dewy slit is a delight, but what's even sweeter is the opportunity for Chloe to pop Mackenzie's girl on girl cherry. Chloe's moans guide the way as Mackenzie uses all that she's learned in a short time to bring her hostess off. Later, Chloe and Brad are going at it in some hot makeup sex when Mackenzie walks past their room. She stops for a moment to watch them, her hand creeping between her thighs to masturbate at the hot sight. When Chloe sees Mackenzie, she beckons her close to join in the fun. With Chloe's guidance, Mackenzie learns how to give the perfect blowjob. Then Chloe teaches Mackenzie how to climb on top of a man to ride his fuck stick. An adept student, Mackenzie is eager to learn and try new things. Soon enough the girls are riding Brad together, one on his dick and one on his face. Flipping Mackenzie onto her back, Brad goes to work on her creamy twat while Mackenzie eats Chloe out. At the end, Chloe eats Mackenzie's moans with deep kisses as Brad gives it to her one last time and then pulls out to fill Chloe's mouth with his cum so the girls can snowball their salty treat.
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