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Scarlett Mae is in the midst of a Twitchxxx livestream, complete with subscriber voice chat. She notices that it's getting pretty hot in the room, so she starts by turning on her fan while her miniskirt rides up and flashes her camel toe. Her viewers encourage her to start stripping, and she eventually agrees to take her shirt and skirt off as long as she covers everything with her hair. Eventually, her viewers coax her to show a tit. Emboldened, they talk Scarlett into pulling her panties aside and masturbating with two fingers buried deep in her fuck hole. When Rion King comes home, he's stoked as hell to find his hot girlfriend in bed naked. Rion agrees that it's hot in there, so he strips and gives Scarlett the chance to blow his cock. Always horny, Scarlett hushes her viewers while Rion isn't looking and then gets sucking. Her deep throat BJ is just the warmup act before Scarlett gets on her hands and knees, taking care to position herself in front of the camera, and lets Rion pound her doggy style. Still mindful of her audience, Scarlett gets Rion to lay down on the bed so she can climb aboard his hardon and ride him in reverse cowgirl. That position spreads her nicely for her viewers, with the added benefit that she's in control of her own pleasure and angle of penetration. Rolling onto her back, Scarlett lets Rion finish her off one last time before he pulls out and covers her twat in jizz. That's when Rion realizes that Scarlett has kept her headphones on the whole time they've been fucking. He takes them and puts them on to be greeted with the sound of cheers as he realizes he's been livestreaming the whole time.
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