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Sweet Bunny is a busty babe who loves to curate homemade porn for her audience. She was born towards the end of Autumn on the 28th of November, 1999. This sexy youngster is raging with hormones and she just couldn’t get enough of dick! But more than that, she wanted authentic fucking action, which is one of the reasons why she mostly post homemade pornos. Sweet Bunny currently lives in the big apple. Her love for modeling is never ending, but her interest in both guys and girls powered through and made her want to pursue porn. In the midst of all that acting and fake moaning, Sweet Bunny made sure that you’ll get both your time and some money’s worth by giving you the best homemade fucking with a side of some drool-worthy lingerie stripping. 
Standing at 5’ 7” (or 170cm), this busty stunner is quite tall and slender. With her long, slim legs, she likes to ride on top and pound a throbbing cock. Her sultry moves are what makes her one of the best in the industry. At 22 years young, Sweet Bunny is sure to make a name for herself in the years to come as her passion in fucking only gets fiery with every performance she uploads. Her slim body only weighs at 122lbs (or 55kg) which makes it all the more easier for both guys and girls to do various fucking positions with her in the bed, on the kitchen counter, on the floor, and anywhere your imagination will take you, trust that Sweet Bunny had her legs wide open there. 
This caucasian bombshell has an all-natural body with absolutely no piercings, no tattoos, and big, perky boobs. Sweet Bunny will never disappoint as you will be able to see her in all her all-natural glory while she gives you extraordinary banging performances, blowjobs, cum shots and facials, and even some much awaited lesbian action. Check her out as she regularly uploads her best pornos yet, and be relieved that though she still has a long porn journey right ahead of her, rest assured she’s more than enjoying every single step. 

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