Caught By Mom

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Chloe Couture is hanging out on the couch when her stepbrother Justin Hunt spills water on her crotch. He tries to wipe it off, and Chole realizes it feels awesome to have her stepbrother's hands all over her trimmed pussy. Justin protests, but eventually gives in to finger banging his blonde stepsister. Sadly for Chloe, she doesn't get to finish before her mom busts them and instructs Chloe to take a cold shower.Chloe does go into the bathroom, but instead of taking a shower she grabs a hairbrush and shoves the handle deep into her cum craving twat to try to chase a climax. Though the stimulation feels amazing, Chloe just can't seem to bring herself to that magical pinnacle of pleasure, so she calls Justin in. She talks Justin into helping her bring her meaty snatch off, and in return she drops to her knees and applies both hands and her dirty little mouth to Justin's pleasure in an enthusiastic deep throat blowjob. They almost get caught again by Chloe's mom, but Chloe hides behind the door stroking and sucking while Justin manages to convince his stepmom to go away.Turning around and leaning over the counter, Chloe tells Justin to put his cock inside her pussy. He's happy to oblige, pounding his super skinny stepsister as she moans with ecstasy. When Chloe turns over on the counter so she can watch Justin dominate her snatch, he brings her off in an orgasm that arouses her mom's suspicion once again. Justin barely has time to pull out and cover Chloe's mound with jizz before they are busted.
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