Anal Addiction

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Mandy Muse is addicted to having her ass fucked and her mom Dava Foxx and stepbrother Kyle Mason are very concerned. She started by putting a pen up her butt, then moved up to a cucumber that was more dick shaped and longer. When Mandy steals her mom's dildo and shoves it up her chocolate starfish, Dava takes the nuclear option and demands that Kyle stick his big dick up her anus. Pulling out Kyle's stiffie, Dava tells Mandy to come stroke her stepbro's dick to make sure it's nice and hard. When her handie doesn't work, Mandy is instructed to put her mouth to work. A blowjob does the trick, getting Kyle nice and hard so he can shove it into Mandy's ass when she turns around. With the tight ring of Mandy's anus and that big butt tempting him beyond measure, Kyle doesn't have any problems banging his stepsister even after his mom walks away. Now that Mandy's gotten a taste of her brother's big dick, she wants to try other positions. She lets Kyle sit down on the couch so she can take his cock in her ass and ride him at her own tit-jiggling pace. The two decide that it's only right if they get together with Kyle's fuck stick buried in Mandy's greedy pussy, so he helps her onto the couch and then primes her for a big climax. Then he switches holes and plays stud until she's cumming again from an anal orgasm. Once Mandy is finally satisfied, Kyle pulls out just in time to cover her pussy in a stream of hot jizz. Mandy suggests they keep fucking, leaving Kyle alarmed that it didn't cure her but happy to keep helping.
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