Sabrina Grows Up - Coming Of Age

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Sabrina is a little nervous about her upcoming witch baptism. She talks her problems through with her cat Salem, and ultimately comes up with the idea that she needs to lose her virginity to feel better. With her plan in place, she calls her boyfriend Harvey over and magics herself into some sexy lingerie to help her seduce him. When Harvey arrives, Sabrina uses her magic once again to strip him down to his boxer briefs so she can have her wicked way with him. Using her magic once again, Sabrina moves Harvey to the bed and makes sure his boner is rock hard. Joining him on the mattress, she leans forward and pulls his hardon out so she can enjoy every inch of its length in her hands and mouth. Sabrina strips as Harvey continues to watch, letting her breasts spill from the bra and peeling her panties from her firm ass. Then she climbs onto Harvey's fuck stick so she can lose her virginity in her very first stiffie ride. Harvey is totally on board for fucking his hot girlfriend, so he flips her onto her back and drives into her tight bare twat. Sabrina rolls onto her hands and knees so Harvey can bang her doggy style. While he's back there, he can't hold back his own pleasure another moment so he pulls out and covers Sabrina's back with his jizz. Harvey claims Sabrina's pussy has put a spell on him, to which Sabrina can only smile in satisfaction.
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